Is it ever ok to ‘throwdown?’

I am due to look for a cache that has not been found since June 2012, roughly 21 months ago. In that time it has had just two logs, both DNF. I also DNF’d the log before the CO (Cache Owner) performed maintenance on it back in 2011.

The cache itself is fairly ordinary. I guess from the location, which is quite open, with only a fence for cover and which runs along the footpath by the river Ouse, will be a film pot or similar. The problem is, the location is a good 2 mile walk from the nearest access point, so is a minimum 4 mile walk. A long way when you are not sure that its there!

I could put a ‘needs maintenance’ on the cache but this is unlikely to please the CO, when it has only had 2 DNFs, so I was planning to visit the cache (as it falls within my 10 mile exclusion zone) soon to see if I can scratch it off my map.

This leads me to the ‘throw down’ issue. This term is generally used when a cacher has been unable to find a cache and has instead placed one of their own in the likely original spot and then logged the find. This is normally frowned upon by members of the cache community and begs the question. ‘Is it ever ok to throw down?’

I have decided in this case that I will go armed with cache replacements of my own and in the event that I cannot find the one that is supposedly there, I will place it down and log the find. I will take a picture of the hide and send it to the CO and make it very clear in my logs on, that should the CO (or another finder after me) find the original cache instead of my own, then I am happy to have my log deleted and I will go back out for a second hunt!

To me this seems the best option. I should only need to walk 4 miles for 1 cache the one time, the CO gets the cache replaced and finally, the cache is confirmed in position for others to try.


I went to find the cache and as suspected, I didn’t have much luck. My log reads;


[quote]I went to find this cache over 2 years ago without success and with only 2 DNFs since that time, I didn’t hold out much hope of finding it.

I went armed with a variety of new containers in case I could not find it, primarily as it was a 3.8 mile round trip walk from Tesco carpark and also I knew that I could replace the cache for future cachers in the area.

Note to CO, if you would prefer me to remove this new container I most certainly will. Please let me know.

As a note to future searchers, if you manage to find the original cache (and I honestly do not think it is still there) then please let me know so that I can delete my ‘found’ log and take another trip out to have another look[/quote]


A few hours later the CO reponded with thanks, so it was worth it after all!

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