Ultimate Geocaching Gift Pack

The Ultimate Geocaching Gift Pack. – For sale on Ebay now (be quick, I only have 1!)

This fantastic offer provides everything you need to not only go searching for Geocaches near you but also provides you with everything you will need to hide your own!

Hours of fun for the young and old alike, this fantastic pack (of which there is only 1!) contains;

  • Shoulder bag with Geocaching Logo
  • 3! Bison Geocaching Hides in Blue, Gold and Red
  • A Key-ring torch with super bright LED.
  • A Waterproof mobile phone holder, essential in the British summertime.
  • A magnetic, extendable probe to make collecting those hard to reach Geocaches that much easier!
  • A spring loaded grab arm, which when squeezed will grab a cache (or a dropped pen!) from the most awkward of locations!
  • Three pens, to keep or perhaps place in your cache?
  • One waterproof clip lock box in Camo Green. A perfect sized cache, will happily take a log book and trackables.
    Three plastic vials, again water resistant, nice size, ready to hide.

The Ultimate Geocaching Gift

All in all, a fantastic gift to give, or even better, to keep for yourself. Please note, there is only one of these, so once its gone, its gone!



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