Geocaching Acronyms

Geocaching can be great fun but sometimes a little puzzling in the some of the acronyms or terms you may find in logs and forums….

English Heritage and Geocaching

I recently emailed English Heritage as I had located a great spot close to home at a Scheduled Ancient Monument, that was crying out for…

Brighton Pebble Beach

1. Facing the sea, look to your right. You should see a long structure, what is it and what is its function? (The correct answer…

Gutterbridge Wood Geocaching

Every now and again Groundspeak and their unbreakable rules do drive me to distraction and this week I had another reason to pull my hair…

Fishing for my Geocache

Not all geocaches are hidden at ground level. This was a find that involved finding my ‘fishing rod’ first, before then hooking my ‘fish!’

Geocaching Tips

TIPS! Learn how to use all the features of the GPS unit properly before venturing out. Many GPS units have a “bread crumb” or “track…

GC Buddy

My geocaching stats currently read tell me that of my 2179 finds (as of 22/09/15) I have found 2048 Traditional caches yet only 31 Multi-Caches….