Geocaching Scotland

Edinburgh Geocaching

I have Scotland in my blood, quite literally. Half of my family hail from Greenock and so any mention of…
Large Orange Nano!

London Calling 2021

With lockdown well and truly over, in August 2021 I ventured yet again to London for some caching (after breakfast…
Abbey Road Geocahe

Abbey Road Web Cam Geocache

Not many people will tell you that they are enjoying lockdown but it has to be said, for me personally,…
White Cliffs of Dover Geocaching

White Cliffs of Dover, Geocaching

One of the main reasons I like to Geocache is the opportunity to visit certain locations where previously I would…

Our First Time..

by Lockdown happened and we all felt extremely restricted, well I did. It was like there became a need…
Clare Country Park

Clare Country Park Geocaching

Clare sits not far from its more ‘famous’ cousins of Long Melford and Lavenham in the heart of Suffolk but…
Billingsgate Fish Market

Fish and Cache

 Billingsgate Fish Market has been in place on the Isle of Dogs since its move from Lower Thames Street, since…
Geocaching Covid 19

How to avoid Covid-19? Geocache!

London Geocaching

I love London and the caching is better than expected… Asked to go on a training course for a week…

Worlds Shortest Multi

Let me introduce you to the worlds shortest multi geocache!