Is spring weather here?

SpringI’m no ‘fair weather cacher’ but even I have to admit that 2 caches by the middle of February is pretty pitiful. In fairness the weather has been terrible. I can cope with rain and wind, but when its cold, im staying tucked up in the warm thank you very much.

Just two weeks ago most of the UK was covered in snow and caching was the last thing on my mind. Today however, the sun was out, the chill had gone and there were no excuses for me. I was going to go caching.

I managed 8 in total today over about 5 miles, including 4 FTF’s (3 of which were at 2am) but being out and about was the best part. I’m not sure what made more noise, my knees or my poor old bicycle which has lain unused and unloved since before Christmas.

Still, I’m┬áback and I have the bug again. I am already planning further outings this week, just as long as the sun stays out!


I have been geocaching since Feb 2012 having lots of fun discovering new places that I may otherwise have missed.