Xmas Slump

Even with the very best intentions, sometimes Geocaching takes a back seat and you find yourself making a concerted effort to get out and get searching. I entered a bit of a slump over the Xmas period, so when the new year came around and the weather stayed mild, it was not too much of a hardship to blow away the cobwebs and get out into the country.

We decided on something close by, a short 4 mile circular which would see us caching in a new location with good parking and the added bonus of a couple of pubs to choose from when we got back. The cache description mentioned that it could be muddy, so we dressed suitably and were off!

The weather stayed grey and misty the whole day but the rain kept away, which always makes things that much easier. We (I) logged a DNF on the very first cache which can sometimes be a blessing as you are not then under to pressure to find every cache along the router and can miss one out if it proves troublesome.

One of the caches created a humorous name on my Garmin;

My Garmin took a tumble!

An essential part of my Geocaching bag, my Binoculars have found a new fan.

I can always tell how good the caching day was by how dirty the wifes car gets!