Cathedral Caven Cache

Geocaching and the great outside go together like fish and chips or tea and cake, the very essence of Geocaching is to be outside, soaking up the joys of the countryside like a sponge. So based on that, it would be hard to argue that the Lake District in the UK is not one of the greatest places to go caching and it holds some real gems.

Cathedral Cavern Cache is one such beauty (with 481 favourite points at the time of writing) – Set within a long since abandoned slate mine near the small hamlet of Little Langdale, this cache is must do for visitors to the area.


Three Shires Inn, Little Langdale
Three Shires Inn, Little Langdale

Parking is possible in Little Langdale itself, and there is nice little pub where you can celebrate with a drink afterwards – Parking is a little tricky here, and whilst there are 2/3 spaces on the road, its best to park in the pub. There are parking restrictions here so make sure you park and return before opening, to avoid any issues. I have done this on every visit and the landlord is fine with this.

From there, head uphill into the village before taking the first left opposite the phone box and head downhill. After about half a mile you will close a beautiful river with easy access via the footbridge, there is also a cache at that point. 

Over the river take turn right and after 500 meters there is a style to cross, the cave entrance is 100 meters in front of you.

The caves are not just for Geocacaching of course, worth investigating in their own right, you can also Abseil there. See Crags Advertures for more details.

Abseiling at the  Cathedral Caven Cache
Abseiling at the Cathedral Caven Cache

The quarry used will either be Hodge Close Quarry or Cathedral Quarry. Both of these quarries have massive abseils in the region of 100-120 ft.

As if that is not enough, the location is also home to one of the most photographed locations in the Lakes, namely Slater Bridge. 

The two part Slater Bridge takes advantage of a central large rock and a very long slate slab to cross the River Brathay on its way from Little Langdale Tarn to Elterwater. This is one of Lakeland’s ancient pedestrian bridges, connecting the hamlet of Little Langdale with the many slate quarries in the Tilberthwaite area. Of course, there is a Geocache there.

Slater Bridge, Little Langdale
Slater Bridge, Little Langdale


I have been geocaching since Feb 2012 having lots of fun discovering new places that I may otherwise have missed.