World Cache, Cambridge

FavauriteToday I took the first steps in helping my global team of cachers complete the ‘World Cache’ challenge, a series of caches set up in the UK, Germany, Canada, USA and Australia.

This is a five part multi cache.

There are five World Caches:

World Cache (Australia) by Philma
World Cache (Canada) by The Kiff
World Cache (Germany) by oelimoeli, jmjw and Sispu & Hu
World Cache (United Kingdom) created by LeadMagnet, adopted by Datenkaros
World Cache (United States of America) by Hefe3

This is designed as a team event with the team consisting of a member in each of the five countries.

All stages in the UK cache are within 3km of the starting coordinates. You can cycle right to all intermediate stages and parking is available nearby if not right at each of these locations. You can cycle to within 500m and drive to within 1km of the final.

How this cache is designed:
One set of coordinates have been sent to each country from each country. So each country has one of the other’s coordinates, as in the following table.

Country Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
Australia Germany 2 USA 3 UK 4 Canada Final
Canada Australia 2 Germany 3 USA 4 UK Final
Germany USA 2 UK 3 Canada 4 Australia Final
United Kingdom Canada 2 Australia 3 Germany 4 USA Final
United States of America UK 2 Canada 3 Australia 4 Germany Final

At the posted coordinates you will find a set of coordinates for one of the other countries. You will have to e-mail these coordinates to the team member in that country. They can then go to that waypoint and find the next set of coordinates which will be for another country, then e-mail it to the team member for that country, and so on till the caches are completed.

For example, the team member in Australia finds Stage 1 of World Cache (Australia), and e-mails the coordinates they find to their teammate in Germany, who can then find Stage 2 of World Cache (Germany). At their local Stage 2, the Germany team will find the coordinates for Stage 3 of World Cache (United Kingdom), which they will e-mail to their UK teammate.

A great change from the traditional hide and one which today has talk me a few different things about the city I live in. I recommend giving it a try. This hide is in Cambridge but Im sure there must others dotted around the country. I have made 4 new international friends through geocaching!



I have been geocaching since Feb 2012 having lots of fun discovering new places that I may otherwise have missed.