Types of Geocache

Common types of Geocache

During your geocaching ‘career’ you will find many types of cache, hidden in a variety of ways. There are a large variety of commercial caches available, some of which are very cleverly disguised and which I have documented here. Of course this is a small sample of what you can expect to stumble upon.

Nano Cache
Nano Cache


Nano Cache

A Nano Cache is a tiny tube with a rolled up log book, these can be really hard to find and sometimes it can be even harder to get the roll out. When you are looking for a Nano Cache I suggest you take a pair of tweezers to pull the rolled up logbook out and of course a pen.

Micro Caches

Micro caches are a little bit bigger than Nano caches, but you will still need tweezers and a pen.

Regular Caches

Normal sized geocaches are around the size of a tupperware box, these will normally contain trinkets that people have left to trade.

Magnetic and Camouflaged Caches

These are the tricky ones… Here are a few examples of camouflaged caches: a cache disguised as a fake rock, loose bolts and a magnetic bolt for attaching to a metal surface. There are even fake dog poo one being sold on the internet and all manner of cleverly designed self build caches.


I have been geocaching since Feb 2012 having lots of fun discovering new places that I may otherwise have missed.