Thorntons Easter Geocaching Giveaway


I was recently contacted via and asked if I wanted to take part in a Geocaching related promotion for Thornton’s Chocolate. I receive a lot of invitations and offers through my website and whilst I dismiss a fair few, who can resist the thought of combining two of my favourite things in the world? (If the chocolate was beer flavour, then we would have a hat trick!)

I did my usual background checks on the email and I soon found where the person worked, who the business had worked for in the past, and all facebook profiles of all staff members 😉 and was happy that the email was genuine and I was happy to continue. I fired off a reply email and waited.

I was soon contacted by the Chocolate Gods and given my mission detail. They would supply a geocache which included a voucher for a free Easter Egg from Thorntons and all I had to do was hide it somewhere suitable, provide them with a picture and some coordinates and then wait for my free thank-you hamper of chocolate to arrive. How easy is that!?

As the hide is out of Groundspeak (owners of remit, we were free to hide the cache wherever we chose, with no restriction on the proximity of nearby caches (oh the freedom!) and I chose a location close to my home, in a picturesque setting. Alas, I cannot share the pictures with you just yet as the promotion has yet to go live and my cache may be compromised by hungry Cambridgeshire geocachers! I hope that the find is made perhaps by someone who does not already geocache. It would be nice to share our hobby with others and have their first find be full of free chocolate!

The promotion website is live and can be found here –

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