Browser Scripts

List of useful scripts to enhance Firefox (and Chrome/Safari/Opera) for Geocaching

There are a many scripts written by fellow geocachers to improve Firefox to find or display geocaching
information on the web pages. The scripts are NOT hosted here. This page only gives you links to where
the scripts can be found. Please report any ‘dead’ links to info @ These scripts require

to be installed in Firefox. The first link to L’il
Devils page gives simple instructions on installing Greasemonkey and the scripts. If you know of other scripts that you’d like to share here
then let me have the links.

Some of these scripts will work withChrome/Safari and Opera browsers and they are identified below.


Thank you to all who have written and made these scripts available to share.

Click on the to install the add-on.

Disclaimer: this page provides links to scripts
you can install. You install them at your own risk and this site takes
no responsibility for any problems that may arise from the installation
of these scripts



An extensive list of scripts
from Li’l Devil. Nice simple instructions on how to install Greasemonkey and Firefox
scripts and lots of various scripts. Take a look around the site.
Another very extensive list of scripts from Prime Suspect – far too many to
mention. Go and look!

Search Engine

Various scripts to add cache name/waypoint and more search options to the search box
  On the page you’ll find some country specific ones. The best to install for the UK are:

  • Geocaching – GC Code (search by GC code)
  • Geocaching – Keyword (search by any cache name keyword)
  • Geocaching – User Profile (search by cacher/user name)
  • Geocaching – ZIP/Postal Code (search by UK/any postcode)
  • Geocaching trackable items by name (search by trackable/coin name)
  • Geocaching trackable items by number (search by trackable/coin tracking number)

To install the scripts from the page just click on the name
Once installed you can edit the the list, remove what you don’t want an re-order them – just click on Manage Search Engines

Geocaching Map Enhancements

To add Ordnance Survey maps (and others) plus other enhancements to the default map view on the cache page. Click the link to get more information and download the script. This script works for Firefox/Chrome/Opera

Thumbnail Gallery images on cache page

To display thumbnails of cache log images on the cache page. This script works for Firefox/Chrome/Safari/Opera

Display Geograph photos on the cache page

Geograph is a website that displays photos of locations around the UK. See cache locations with a different perspective and display thumbail images on the cache page. This script works for Google Chrome/Safari/Opera

Click to ignore and highlight forum posts

To let you ‘ignore’ threads in the forum. Just click the box by the thread to ignore or the marks to highlight. You can ‘un-ignore’ threads by clicking on your name in the top right corner of the screen. In this example of the UK forums, all the pinned threads are being ignored and the Geo Forum Tidy thread is highlighted.

To decode the ‘hint’ without reloading the cache page

This is one of Prime’s scripts that decodes the hint instantly when you click on it without forcing the page to reload. Called Quick Hint.


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