BSS, Riseley, Berkshire

I had plans to pop out for two caches today. Maybe three at a push. I knew the area, I knew where to park and I was confident I could have them all wrapped up in an hour. Why then, did I find myself getting back home 3 hours after I had set out, covered and I do mean covered, in mud, wet through but with 13 caches under my belt? Because I was having fun.

I found myself in Riseley, just south of Reading to pick up some of the ‘BSS (Berkshire Swallowfield Series) Series’ It looked like it was going to rain, so I was prepared but I wasn’t expecting a deluge for the full three hours that I was out.

Good thing about rain though, is that other people don’t like it. That means they tend to stay indoors on days like today and as a cacher, that’s exactly what you need. I saw exactly zero people on my 4.8 mile walk, meaning I could hunt at my leisure without fear of being interrupted.

The hides on this series were all similar. Mostly in the same container, but all dry and well kept (but no swaps for the junior cachers.) The hides were all pretty straightforward, Co-Ords spot on for all and this make for a nice walk, with just the right amount of head scratching at each GZ

  • Trip Location: Swallowfield, England, United Kingdom
  • Length: 4.8 miles
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Activity: Walking

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I would recommend this series but perhaps only when its drier. The going was tough due to the heavy mud on parts of the series. There are no far reaching views, no busy roads to cross that would cause a problem and no problems parking in Riseley itself (which is where I would recommend to park as there seemed to be a pub just a short walk away)

BSS Series


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