Doyster Black Geocaching Series – Hook, Hampshire

The Doyster ‘Black’ route, is a circular route running from Hook, up to Black Wood in Rotherwick and back again.

The route consists of 18 caches plus 4/5 or so other caches. There are also further caches nearby for those looking to make a big day of it.

The route can be completed in any order and the terrain ranges from hidden urban footpaths to sometimes muddy tracks and woodland walks. You’ll need to cross the A30 twice. The standard route is 5.8 miles but can be adjusted to suit with other caches or shortcuts.

I started the series after a nightshift and some heavy rain (which continued most of the morning) and the track was very muddy. The rain kept away other walkers, so I could pretty much search undisturbed which is always preferable.

I DNF’d caches 7 and 11 but all the others were nice finds, not easy but certainly not head scratchers. A nice mix.

Time was taken at cache 12 to eat my breakfast which I heated up before I left work. Hot sausage and beans went down well.



I have been geocaching since Feb 2012 having lots of fun discovering new places that I may otherwise have missed.