Run Around`s Ramble – Essex

I had originally heard of this series through Twitter and seeing as Stansted Airport (close to where this series is located) is only half and hour in the car, I decided to pop down and see what the fuss was about.

Parking was easily found on this hot summer day (although I think it may be a little more sought after on a weekend day) and the family and I immediately sought refuge in the cool woodland and moved onto cache number 1.

Wow, what a cache to start the day. The work that has gone into this particular cache is immense. The fun that children will have here is immeasurable and I guess that goes for adults too! – My wife took my merriment from watching me struggle with my ‘tool’ for the second part 🙂

The rest of the caches (There are 8 in the series) as equally as good. (I can only guess at numbers 6 and 7 as by that time the heat had got to the little one and we beat a hasty retreat to the car.

As mentioned previously, the walk is almost under the main flight path for Stansted Airport, so if you have lots of opportunity for plane spotting if that is your thing. Also the woods were deserted, although the footpaths were well marked and laid to bark/gravel for most of the way, so this would be a great place to let the kids run free.

This small series really is amongst the best I have come across. Certainly number 1 can only be beaten by a handful of caches, including my two all times favourites – Wily Wanderer – and TB’s Nemesis –

If you only do 1 series this summer, make sure its this one!

The following videos may contains spoilers.

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