The Teddies Peaceful Stroll


Just as the title suggests I enjoyed a fantastic peaceful stroll completing this nearby series.

The Owls Home!
The Owls Home!

Parking in the overflow carpark of the nearby school (I did not manage to avoid school dropping off time, which was a bit awkward!) I quickly managed the Church Micro nearby and trundled off along the bridleway and into the peace and comfort of the countryside.

One thing that stuck me was the amount of wildlife I saw. Woodpeckers making an almighty racket, numerous deer and to top it all, at cache #10 a Barn Owl.

I passed upon a dilapidated barn at the side of the bridleway and like most people would, decided to take a peek.

The barn was in bad shape, no doors or windows and was full of lots of machinery. I was just about to turn and leave when to my horror, about 12 feet in front of me a Barn Owl dropped from the rafters, opened his wings and headed straight for me. I am not ashamed to say I let out a yelp and half stumbled, half jumped backwards. Seeing his route to the outside world now free, he flew out and over me and off down the lane. Amazing but equally terrifying sight!

The rest of the series was thankfully not as eventful and I had a chance to get my heart rate back to normal and enjoy the amazing scenery. The trip took just under 3 hours and was 5.8 miles long.


I have been geocaching since Feb 2012 having lots of fun discovering new places that I may otherwise have missed.