New caching bag

I recently managed to bag another fantastic bargain from the great website

Geocaching Bag
Geocaching Bag

“A superb and VERY versatile shoulder case/bag that thanks to its clever shoulder-strap mounting system it can be worn or slung over either shoulder for extra user comfort and access convenience!” says the blurb and having taken it round on one sort series, I have to say I agree.

3 main pockets provide ample room for my spare batteries, GPS, caching tools etc and there is even enough room for my lunch 😉

Comfortable to wear all day, it really makes a massive difference having a bag this size instead of a full size rucksack. On the back of the case there is a belt loop which is Velcro secured and can therefore be fitted onto a belt without having to undo it. Even if you are cycling or running this case shouldn’t swing around.

The only negative for me is the noise the zips make as I am walking but this is nothing a little tape wont cure. All in all, a bargain.

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