Looking 4 Cache App

With the recent decision of Groundspeak to stop developing the ‘paid for; iOS app and instead opting to develop the free app, it has left a few cachers a little disgruntled and others, naturally reluctant to shell out for an App that could be pulled at any time.

At the time of writing, the free Groundspeak App does not let you save caches offline, a feature that many phone users deem to be the most important feature of whatever app they use, so have reached an impasse.

Thats where ‘Looking 4 Cache’ may be of use. I don’t know a great deal about the App or the developer but it certainly ticks all the boxes in that;

a) – You can save caches offline
b) – You can save the Map tiles offline
c) – You can log trackables from the App (unable to do this on the free App)
d) – Ability to import Pocket Queries
e) – Apply filters on search functions

Ive put together some screenshots but like most things, the easiest way to see if its for you is to download it any try. If you decide to upgrade to the full app, the price is £6.99

The official website for the App is – http://www.looking4cache.com/


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