20 Geocaching Questions

Washknight came up with the idea of asking various geocaching bloggers a set of 20 questions to see how we all replied. So, here are my answers:

1. When and how did you first get into geocaching?

A colleague at work had an account but rarely used it. Knowing my love for anything involving a gadget he mention Geocaching during a slow day at work and we all were hooked at the idea.

2. Do you remember your first find?

I do, it was a cache, now sadly archived, called Fossilised. It was at the bottom of a cliff, which is very strange for Cambridgeshire!

3. What device(s) do you use for locating caches?

I use a Garmin Oregon 650 and sometimes my iPhone.

4. Where do you live and what is your local area like for geocaching? (density / quality / setting etc)

I live just north of Cambridge and the caching can be a little sparse once you head out of the villages.

5. What has been your most memorable geocache to date, and why?

I have a few and you can find them here http://geocaching.co.uk/caching/favourite-finds/

6. List 3 essential things you take on a geocaching adventure excluding GPS, pen and swaps.

3 things?! Erm, has to be water, my mobile and chocolate!

7. Other than geocaches and their contents, What is the weirdest thing you have discovered whilst out caching?

A perfectly preserved deer skeleton in the woods.

8. On a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is I am obsessed by numbers and 10 is I am all about the experience and the quality of each individual cache. Where do you put yourself?

Im going to say perhaps 3. Im currently trying (badly) to clear all the caches within a 10 mile radius of my home.

9. Describe one incident that best demonstrates the level of your geocaching obsession.

I will not book a holiday for my family until I have checked the geocaching density of our chosen location.

10. Have you picked up any caching injuries along the way?

No, I have been quite lucky.

11. What annoys you most about other geocachers?

Their beards.

12. What is the dumbest thing you have done whilst out caching?

Nothing so far springs to mind although I did recently rip a massive hole in my trousers on some barbed wire and had to walk the rest of the way found with my spiderman pants on show.

13. What do your non caching family and friends think of your hobby?

My wife thinks its tragic (but does come with me), my work colleagues are a 50/50 split between ‘its fantastic’ and its ‘slight sordid to think of men in bushes together’

14. What is your default excuse you give to muggles who ask what you are up to or if you need help?

I once told a Muggle who caught me replacing a cache that I was a member of MI5 and that she should ‘forget what she think she saw and go about her business’

15. What is your current geocaching goal, if you have one?

Currently trying to complete the 365 challenge (where you find a cache on every date in the calender. Have 3 months to go.

16. Do you have a nemesis cache that despite multiple attempts you have been unable to find?

Not currently but they often come up and I have to visit a few times before I nail it.

17. What 3 words or phrases best sum up what geocaching means to you.

Walking, Countryside, Learning

18. What prompted you to start blogging about geocaching?

I dabble in websites and I made an offer to buy geocaching.co.uk – what better place to put a blog?

19. Which of your own blog entries are you most proud of.

I have only just started, so I am sure they are all a bit naff.

20. Which other geocaching blogs do you enjoy reading?

I tend to just flit between different Facebook forums rather than a blog.


I have been geocaching since Feb 2012 having lots of fun discovering new places that I may otherwise have missed.