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A list of some err, lists! All the best caches in one quick to access location;

Circular walk caches. Cache rings with 10 or more caches in them providing a circular walk.
Extreme cache bookmark list. Some of the toughest caches around in this list.
Hardest UK caches bookmark list. Caches with Difficulty and Terrain of 4/5
Night cache bookmark list. You’ll probably need a torch.
Film and TV location caches. Got a favourite actor? They may be listed here!
TB Hotels. Need some TB’s or got some to move on? You’ll find a place here for them.
Church Micro caches.
Hadrian’s wall. Walk where the Roman’s walked.
Chirp caches. For the ‘techies’ amongst you.
UK and Ireland oldest caches
First 100 caches worldwide
Who Was Here Series – Doctor Who series 
Motorway Mayhem caches
Underground caches (caves, tunnels, mines etc)
UK and Ireland Extreme Geographical caches (N, S, E and W)
Caches for Kids

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