Dunsden Dawdle, Oxfordshire

Dunsden, a small village, just inside the Oxfordshire border, about 3 miles from Reading.  Today, it would be the start of the Dunsden Dawdle which is “is a 2.7mile loop of 21 caches, which vary in size from nano to large sweet jar, tho’ most are micro with one or two swaps.” –

I wasn’t planning on caching today, in fact I wasn’t planning on doing much at all but with sub-tropical weather, short sleeves in November!, how could I resist?

The series started nicely enough, a small cache to be found on the village green without much fuss and I was off and running. It soon turned bad. The paths needed to get you to the first half-dozen caches were muddy. I mean REALLY muddy. Sure I had waterproof walking boots on but the mud was making hard work of a simply walk. Number two in the series has I understand been archived for reasons unknown, so it was quickly onto cache #3 which was a quick find.

Things quickly started to go down hill. For me the caches lacked variety or really any care. The physical containers themselves were not 100 waterproof and really had not been designed to be so. Consequently most, if not all, the logs were very wet indeed. The scenery along the first half of the walk was not pleasent (although it did improve greatly at the end, offering far reaching views across Reading.) Perhaps I was being overly critical as I had four DNFs today! I cant remember the last time that happend on a series, but my buttons just weren’t pushed today.


  • Length: 3.5 miles
  • Duration: 2 hours, 13 minutes, 6 seconds
  • Vertical up: 941.5 ft
  • Vertical down: 960.4 ft
  • Average Speed: 1.6 mph


UKGeocacher Score: 3/10
Dunsden Dawdle – Oxon -Interactive Map

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