Mildenhall Woods

It was time to jump on the Geo Bike and hit the remaining caches in Mildenhall Woods.

A nice circular series in the Woods, a stones throw from RAF Mildenhall which hosts units from four different major USAF commands – Air Combat Command, Air Force Special Operations Command, Air Mobility Command and United States Air Forces in Europe; as well as units of the United States Navy.

RAF Mildenhall is named after the nearby town of Mildenhall, Suffolk. It was established as a Royal Air Force station in 1930, and opened in 1934.[2] During World War II, RAF Bomber Command used the station for operational combat missions until 1945.

Placed on standby status after the war, it was reopened by the Royal Air Force and became a USAF-RAF joint operation base on 11 July 1950. Assigned to Strategic Air Command to station B-29 Superfortress bombers that date. It became a B-50 Superfortress base in 1952, and a B-47 Stratojet and KC-97 Stratotanker base in 1953 until 1958.

Closed for runway repairs throughout 1958, the Military Air Transport Service transferred its main United Kingdom terminal to Mildenhall from RAF Burtonwood on 1 March 1959, and the base became “The Gateway to the United Kingdom”, for most U.S. military personnel and dependants arriving or departing the United Kingdom since.

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As for the Caches, not a great variety of hides, some of which are blatent in their hiding as there are more often than not off the beaten track and into the woods were no sane person would roam. I also noticed quite a lot of litter here. 5/10

Mildenhall Woods

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